Contemporary Woodworking & Design
By Mike Bartell / Woodcraftsman

Custom Cabinetry & Furniture     by Mike Bartell     Master Craftsman 

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Welcome to the site of woodworker, Mike Bartell. I have been building cabinetry & furniture in Sedona Arizona for the last 20 years.  I now want to share that work with you and promote the craft of veneering in my small shop in Payson Arizona.  For most of my career, the use of solid wood has been the material of choice. The design restraints of building with solid wood, both in scale and economic, has encouraged me to incorporate custom veneering to achieve a desired effect for my customers.  Over the years, the scarcity of quality lumber has increased and the variety of fine veneers has become more available. Therefore, I believe the future of woodworking will increasingly belong to the efficient and beautiful world of veneer.

     The work that I engage in is that of a craftsman, unique to the requirements of my customers.  My design philosophy is rooted in tradition with a strong lean towards contemporary.  My specialty has always been taking a concept and working through a design, selecting materials and then bringing that vision to completion.

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